Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Ok, so here I am typing out my first Blog, consumed with questions/doubts/fears....'What do I write?', 'Where on earth do I begin',

After reading though a few Blogs by my fellow MAPPers, ( which were all very insightful ) and having two Skype calls, I should now surely be feeling more confident about my studies towards my MA. Do I? Nope.

Am sat here over analyzing every sentence I write. When in fact it's these precise feeling that got me intrigued, How now the roles have reversed as I now become the learner. To which has left me with feelings of self doubt, vulnerability, unequipped and lost.

Every year as I welcome a new cohort of learners I go through the introductory procedures of enrolling correctly/systemically, timetabling, uniform, course content and so on.....However on reflection do I stop,breathe and acknowledge how each individual is feeling. The room is full of the unknown, not necessarily in a negative sense but how often do we stop and recognize and address the insecurities/vulnerability present.

It's the relationship between teacher-student that have sparked an interest for me. Do we act as guides or do we motivate to enforce self guiding? For many reading this post, you will be able to identify to the Autocratic approach of dance training, Teacher say and we do. This was also identified and discussed in the Skype meeting on Sunday when Helen and Adesola, who both kindly shared their own personal journeys. The Autocratic approach isn't one I adapt in my own teaching, however as a learner I have found it more difficult to not await 'direction'.

It's this questioning/reflecting, that have lead me into two research areas:  The Lifewide Learning concepts, and effective integration of Health and Well Being.

Already from starting the blog...(at last! ) to finishing ( another at last...) I already feel more confident, I look forward to reading more of your blogs, and sharing ideas. Now I am off to delve into my research and build on my reflective journal with much more clarity. ( I think )